Painted Tree Forest

Dozens of community members have donated their time and creativity to add to our Painted Tree Forest at Berryhill Park since 2019.

Special thanks to our sponsors Wagner General Contractors, Inc., Covington Builders, Hubach Drafting, Home Pros Plus, Jim Davidson Construction and Steve Ward Construction for making the Painted Tree Forest possible.

Want to help Grow Searcy’s Painted Forest?

Rules to participate:

  • The painted tree must be Christmas or winter themed. Only Christmas or winter-themed trees will be displayed. The Holiday of Lights Committee reserves the right to reject any tree deemed political, controversial, or otherwise divisive.  
  • Upload an example of your work. The Holiday of Lights Committee will review your sample to approve your participation in this very popular, limited-capacity project.
  • Pre-cut trees are provided at no charge thanks to local donations. You are responsible for providing your own painting materials other than the tree.
  • Trees will not be returned to artists. The Holiday of Lights Committee will store them and use them each year for as long as possible.
  • Whether you spray paint the tree or use another form of paint, it is very important that you seal your finished tree with polyurethane (at least two coats) to protect your work against the weather. Only sealed trees will be displayed.
  • Do not attach anything to the tree such as bows, lights, paper, ornaments, etc. Attachments never last due to elements such as weather, theft, and moving/storage year after year. Trees with attachments will not be displayed.
  • Do not paint a design on the back of the tree. A kick stand will be screwed to the back of the tree and Holiday of Lights/Searcy Parks & Recreation/City of Searcy cannot be held responsible for any damage or alteration to your creation by this necessary step.
  • You must include your name on back of the tree.
  • Holiday of Lights/Searcy Parks & Recreation/City of Searcy cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of any tree because of theft, weather, or any other uncontrollable circumstance.
  • The Holiday of Lights Committee has the right to deny participation based on the rules outlined above.
  • Completed trees must be returned to the Carmichael Community Center by 4 p.m. Wednesday, November 9th, 2022. If a tree is not returned by the deadline, a $35 fee will be assessed for the cost of the tree.

We’re fresh out of trees for 2022! Come back next year!

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